Date: Apr 26 - 27, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Venue: Businessmaker Academy Unit 1503A 15th floor, West Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Bldg. Pasig City

“How to Improve Your Recruitment through Proper Testing & Interview”
Schedule for 2019 : Apr 26-27 | Aug 16-17 | Nov 22-23
The selection process in companies is a crucial part of identifying talents. Majority of the selection process involves two main methods: Interviews and Testing. The two primary techniques are also the most powerful way of identifying a potential star performer in the company. In this workshop, we take a deeper look at how job interviewing and employment tests influence the hiring decision of an organization. The seminar focuses on the technical and practical aspects of these two methods in selection.

What You Will Learn

• Provide an overview of the types of screening methods used by employers to make smart hiring decisions

• Identify and select the appropriate assessment tools that maximize chances for getting the right fit between jobs and employees

• Discuss the various types and methods of selection interviews

• Develop skills in conducting behavioral and competency-based interview and assessment

• Explain the types of pre-employment tests that can be administered as part of the selection process

Course Highlights:

1. Recruitment and Selection Overview

2. Hiring Sequence

3. Basic Selection Criteria

4. Selection Methods

5. Gathering Background Information

6. Resume Analysis

7. Resume Red Flags

8. Behavioral and Competency-based Interview

9. Types of Selection Interviews

10. Competency-based Interview Strategies, Indicators & Questions

11. Reliability & Validity of Interviews

12. Competency-based Pre-employment Testing

13. Psychometric Tests, Use & Importance

14. Ethics on Psychological Assessment

15. Individual Rights of Test Takers & Test Security

16. Background and Reference Checking

17. Sources of Background Information

18. Making the Final Hiring Decision

19. Job Offer

20. Employment Processing

Who Should Attend

Recruitment Specialists, HR Managers, HR Officers, HR Practitioners, Office Administrators, Administrative Personnel, Job Interviewers, Psychometricians, Department Managers, Business Owners or any person engaged in the recruitment and selection process of their organization.

Special Bonus:

Free Sample Job Test

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