Radiology Conference MSK MRI Mini Fellowship and Workstation Workshop Philippines Manila

Date: July 7, 2018
Time: 7:30 AM - 4:00PM
Venue: To Be Announced

Registration will open shortly for our MSK MRI Mini Fellowship and Workstation Workshop in Manila on the weekend of the 7th and 8th of July 2018 which will be held in conjunction with the CT and MRI Society of Philippines (CTMRISP) . We will be covering Knee, Shoulder and Hip, over two days and with lots of time for for guided viewing of 100’s of dicoms of MRI pathology. As usual the focus will be on viewing 100’s of dicom studies rather than single images from powerpoints.

In 2018 we are having a very major upgrade. We will be running the teaching as a Mini Fellowship with a structured 30 Day Pre Workshop Course with dicoms, a 2 Day Workstation Workshop and a 30 Day Post Workshop review Programme, all aimed at you going back to work and reporting the MRI scans on your list more confidently and accurately.


  1. The Mini Fellowship is aimed at enabling you to learn, practice and retain knowledge.
  2. We start 30 days before the workshop with a Pre Workshop Preparatory Course which will be concise and structured teaching of the important MSK abnormalities and will incorporate dicom viewing so that you will have a lot more knowledge before you come to the workshop. The course will have all the information required for a to get a head start on diagnosis. We aim for you to have a very sound knowledge of the abnormalities before you get to the workshop.
  3. The 2 Day Workshop will then be focused on guided review of 100’s of cases and we will concentrate on viewing, diagnosing and reporting the dicoms like you do at work.
  4. Post workshop 1 Month Review to consolidate what you have learnt.

We will also have a redesigned and improved workbook and there will be a lot more quizzes which have been really well received in recent workshops. Our aim is for you going back to work and reporting the MRI scans on your list more confidently and accurately.


The Short Illustrated Answer to Why you might want to come to the workshop.

Need to know more? Here’s the long version.

Why are we having workstation based workshops and not endless days of lectures? When we report at work, we dont have someone showing us just selected relevant images to make a diagnosis, we have a full dicom study to evaluate and report. We need to be able to evaluate all the information to make the diagnosis and very importantly exclude irrelevant information. Our workshops are based on learning by guided viewing and evaluating 100’s of dicom scans on individual workstations, just like you do at work. We feel that this is the only way to learn.

There is a big difference between receiving information and actually learning something that you can put into use in your daily reporting. You can get endless information by going to a conference, but how much do you remember (not much) and how much do you know well enough to put into practice back at your work (even less). Learning to report an MRI confidently is quite different to having the facts about pathology presented on a slide or video to you.

How did you learn to ride a bike? By watching a presentation or getting on the bike and practicing? Its the same when you are learning MRI. There is a whole science to learning and remembering, but two of the most important aspects of learning are being actively involved in the learning and repetition. When you sit back and see 1 or 2 slides or videos of an abnormality you have very little idea of how to put that into practice and its likely to be forgotten by the time you get to reporting. However, when you actively scroll through a dozen dicoms of say meniscal tears, find the abnormality yourself, work out how to differentiate it from mimics…Thats when you learn and remember. Viewing hundreds of dicoms is central to the workshop. We have short lectures on a topic to give you the fundamentals, then its viewing, with guidance, of as many dicoms as possible mixed with quizzes and constant interaction.

The Workshop and the Pre and Post Workshop Online Review will cover all the important areas of pathology in the Shoulder, Hip and Knee.

We are aiming this workshop at those who have limited to intermediate level experience with MSK MRI.

The workshop will be delivered by Dr Ravi Padmanabhan. Dr Ravi was trained in Medicine and Radiology in Melbourne Australia and has been fellowship trained in MSK MRI. He has worked at sports imaging centres for elite level athletes reporting MRIs and has extensive experience in reporting and teaching MRI having run MRI Workstation Workshops in SE Asia and Australia for over 10 years.

One of the features of our workshops has been people bringing in scans for review. This is a great way for everyone to learn, gives you an opportunity to discuss scan protocols and we encourage this.

How you will actively learn:

  • Fellowship style learning where you actively look and are guided through full dicom studies on individual workstations and can ask questions to clarify doubts.
  • Guided viewing of MSK MRI pathology in 100’s of dicom studies. See in a weekend an extensive amount of pathology thats taken us over 10 years to gather.
  • 30 Day Pre Workshop online Course with dicoms and 30 Post Workshop Review
  • Learning is not just gathering facts. Its no use if you cant retain and recall that knowledge when you need it. Our structured method of learning increases your ability to retain and recall the knowledge you gain when you need it when you are back in your own clinic or hospital.

Whats Included?

30 Day Pre Workshop Course 2 Day Workshop and 30 Day Post Workshop Review.

Individual workstations.

Lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments for both days.

Friday evening meet up.

Where is it being held?

We are currently in discussion with a number of 5 star hotels and the venue will be confirmed shortly.

How Do I Register?

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